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Heaven's not a place that you go when you die it's that moment in life when you actually feel alive.

Rock bottom is good solid ground, and a dead end street is just a place to turn around.

Life comes without guarantees except... Laughing will brighten your day, smiling will enhance your eyes, and falling in love will change your life.

You only live once, so do everything twice.

Ever wonder how your life would be right now if you had the power to go back and change even just one small thing?

Every new day is another chance to change your life.

From this point on in my life nothing is ever going to be the same. Nothing can ever be the same. I don't want anything to ever be the same.

Life is too short for fake butter, fake cheese, or fake people.

I'm not interested in the PG-version of life.

Unplanned moments are always better than planned ones.

Just because your life isn't like what you want it to be, doesn't mean you can't enjoy it.

Life is 10% what happens to me and 90% of how I react to it.

Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance, you must keep moving.

Life is full of surprises, but you have to open them hoping for the very best.

Never forget yesterday, But always live for today... Cuz you never know what tomorrow can bring, Or what it can take away...

The sun is somewhere shining even when it rains.

Be thankful for hard times in your life. Try not to look at them as bad things, but as opportunities to grow and learn.

It takes both rain and sunshine to make a rainbow.

Don't complain about your life when you are the one who is handling it.

Defeat is not defeat unless accepted as a reality-in your own mind.

Everything that has a beginning, has an end. So the key is to try to enjoy the in between as much as possible!

There are so many people out there who will tell you that you can't... What you've got to do is turn around and say "watch me"

Tough times don't last, but tough people do.

The harder you fall, the higher you bounce.

You are born without anything but You die with Your name. so that name must not be a word.. It must be a History..!

If you can laugh when you are completely broken,then there can be nothing that can break you next time

Whether you Think you can, or think you can't your're always right.

Stone is broken with the last stroke of hammer. This doesn't mean that 1st stroke was useless. Success is the result of continuous efforts.

SUCCESS belongs only to those who are willing to work harder than anyone else.

Sometimes you don't realize your own strengths until someone tries to take advantage of your weaknesses !!!

If you don't go after what you want, you will never have it. If you don't ask the answer is always NO. IF you don't step forward you are always in the same place.

All birds find shelter during a rain, But Eagle avoids rain by flying above the Clouds, Problems are common, but attitude makes the difference.

Without positive attitude, success is called Luck. But with positive attitude, success is called achievement.

Don't see others doing better than you, Beat your own records everyday because, Success is a fight between YOU & YOURSELF

It doesn't matter how many times you fall, what counts is how many times you stand up again.

One day your entire life will flash in front of your eyes. Make sure it is worth watching

Don't think you are Nothing. Don't think you are Everything. But think you are Something. Who can achieve Anything !!

Patience is not the ability to wait, but the ability to keep a good attitude while waiting

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